New car, new features

Mini's new Connected iPhone integration system will debut in March and feature streaming web radio, amongst other things.

This March at the Geneva Motor Show, Mini will whip the covers off its first four-wheel drive, the Countryman. Inside will be a whole host of interesting tech features, including the new, optional Connected system which makes the iPhone more than just a receptacle for music and podcasts.

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Joystick driving

As in other Minis with satellite navigation, the centre of the speedometer hosts the screen for Mini Connected. A joystick, situated behind the gear stick, lets the driver control the menus which give access to iPhone applications.

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Mini Connected features an elliptical main menu, showing icons for familiar applications, such as radio, navigation and phone. There is also a web icon (highlighted) that allows access to some of the apps hosted on a connected iPhone.

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Radio how you like it

The only iPhone application that Mini is currently talking about is web radio, which lets the driver listen to thousands of stations from around the world streamed from the iPhone into the Mini's sound system.

Ford announced similar smartphone integration for its US cars at this year's CES, showing an interface for iPhone applications such as Pandora and Openbeak in the car.

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But wait there's more

The Countryman will house loads of other new features, like the centre rail that runs the length of the car and into which you can store mobile phones, cups, sunglasses and MP3 players. For more information, check out our comprehensive Mini Countryman preview gallery.


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