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GLK Rock Crawler

GLK Pikes Peak Rally Racer

Mercedes-Benz is bringing four very unconventional GLK concepts to Las Vegas for the 2008 SEMA Show. Four GLKs were given to four tuners from around the world, with instructions to go crazy with the mods. The results ranged from understated class to an over-the-top vehicle that is barely recognizable as a GLK.

For comparison, here's a bone-stock GLK. Proceed to see just how different the four tuners' vehicles are from the baseline and from each other.

Caption by / Photo by Mercedes-Benz
It's called the GLK Urban Whip. With a name that obnoxious, this GLK customized by Boulevard Customs from St. Petersburg, Florida is more likely to be seen in a rap video than on a showroom floor. The list of mods is highlighted by a widened body shell, a convertible top, massive 26-inch wheels and an onboard entertainment system.
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BRABUS, based in Bottrop, Germany, has taken a turn at improving just about every model that's rolled off of a Mercedes-Benz assembly line since 1977, so it has a great deal of experience. Its Widestar concept is the most understated and handsome model in the bunch.
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The team at the Legendary Motorcar Company from Ontario, Canada, which is more commonly associated with the restoration of American muscle cars, created The GLK Rock Crawler. The exotic design for snow and sand includes a winch system and a grinding rail, which the dude in the picture seems to be enjoying.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes-Benz
With its GLK Pikes Peak Rally Racer, RENNtech from Lake Park, Florida has created a motorsport vehicle inspired by the unlimited class of the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado. The drive train of the RENNtech GLK is complemented by a hybrid module that guarantees excellent acceleration figures.
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