Mercedes A-Class Concept-front quarter angle

Mercedes A-Class Concept-front

Mercedes A-Class Concept-side view

Mercedes A-Class Concept-engine

Mercedes A-Class Concept-rear

Mercedes A-Class Concept-rear side quarter angle

Mercedes A-Class Concept-interior controls

Mercedes A-Class Concept-interior passenger

Mercedes A-Class Concept-rear interior

Mercedes A-Class Concept-cargo

Mercedes will show a more sporty and aggressively styled A-Class concept at the New York International Auto Show later this month. The carmaker says it used wind, waves, and aviation engineering as the design inspiration for what will likely be the next generation A-Class.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
The concept shows an elongated hood, LED headlamps with a starry sky motif, and a redesigned grill composed of metallic silver hexagons on black stems.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
Sharp lines flow throughout the exterior, accentuating the vehicle's deep curves and edges.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
Under the hood is more power than you'd normally find in a compact car. Mercedes outfitted the A-Class concept with a 210-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The BlueEfficiency engine is paired with the carmaker's new dual-clutch transmission.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
The materials and design used in the grill is repeated in the bumper. The LED taillights also contain Mercedes's "starry sky" motif.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
The new body lines and structure almost tricks the viewer into thinking the hatchback is a coupe, but it's still a three-door hatchback.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
Mercedes expresses the aeronautical theme more strongly in the interior. Ambient lighting illuminates the instrument cluster to give it the look of an afterburner, and the dashboard vents are also aircraft-inspired. Prominently featured in the vehicle is an integrated tablet or smartphone.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
Red piping around the leather seats carry the red theme throughout the vehicle.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
The A-Class concept includes two full sized seats in the rear.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
Despite its small footprint, the A-Class looks like it offers a decent amount of cargo capacity for a compact hatchback.
Caption by / Photo by Mercedes
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