Loaded with cash? Can't decide whether to go for the standard Bugatti Veyron or the petrifyingly quick Veyron Super Sports? Well life's about to get even more difficult -- you poor lamb -- because Swiss tuning company Mansory has unveiled its own version of the iconic hypercar.

One look is all it takes to learn this car isn't for shy, retiring types. It has gold bodywork, achieved by weaving copper thread into the carbon fibre. In the pictures (above) it looks as if the car has some sort of reptilian skin condition, though we'll reserve judgement until we see one in the flesh.

The car has a host of other gold flourishes festooned about its chassis, including the side mirror, front grille surround, alloy wheels, fuel filler cap and wing mirrors.

Want more gold? Good, because Mansory's also fitted some gold panels to the door trims and on the centre console, and fitted LED lights to the car's seats, door trims and on the dash board, making the entire cabin shine with a "golden glow".

Mansory's also tweaked the car's legendary engine. A new cold-air induction system and optimised exhaust increases power from 1,001bhp to a mind-boggling 1,109bhp, and torque from 922 to 966lb-ft. Whether this improves the car's staggering 2.5-second 0-60mph time or increases its 253mph top speed remains to be seen, though there's every chance all those tweaks and added weight could actually slow it down a touch.

It's all very impressive, we're sure you'll agree, but do you prefer the standard Veyron? How about the Veyron SuperSports? Or would you prefer the 350mph jet-powered school bus we wrote about recently? Let us know in the comments below.

You really won't be able to miss this thing if it pulls alongside you on the high street.
The gold alloy wheels (not real gold) aren't exactly subtle.
The front gets a gold-edged vent with a 'V' in it and horizontal LED light strips.
There's less gold at the rear, so the Mansory Veyron is a little more Action Man and a little less Paris Hilton.
Gold-weaved carbon-fibre, gold fuel filler caps and gold door handles complete the exterior makeover.
The engine's been given a boost, too, with power increased to 1,109bhp.
You didn't think the interior would get away without a smattering of gold, did you?
It even has LEDs to enhance the golden glow.
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