C1 - side

This rendering shows the C1 self-balancing vehicle in motion on city streets.
Photo by: Lit Motors

C1 - front

The C1 is a two-wheeled fully enclosed electric vehicle that uses gyroscopic technology to stay upright.
Photo by: Lit Motors

C1 - charging

The C1 will be equipped with 40 kw in-wheel electric motors.
Photo by: Lit Motors

C1 - parked

1,300 pound-feet of torque from an electronically controlled gyroscope keeps the C1 upright without a third wheel, kickstand, or help from the driver.
Photo by: Lit Motors

C1 - rear view

The rear view of the C1 electric vehicle.
Photo by: Lit Motors

C1 - with driver

Like a motorcycle, the C1 will fit two passengers.
Photo by: Lit Motors
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