Limited edition

The long awaited successor to the Toyota Supra, the Lexus LFA, has been revealed at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. It's not all good news though...

With just 500 being sold worldwide, it's more limited than those cricket photos peddled by Channel Nine's

Photo by: Lexus

Still not in production

The LFA on show in Tokyo is still not the final version, with production not slated to start until the end of 2010.

Photo by: Lexus


Enough of the bad news, let's get on to the good stuff. The LFA is powered by a 412kW/480Nm 4.8-litre V10 that Toyota claims is more compact than most V8 engines.

Photo by: Lexus

Not daddy's Prius, part I

Weighing 1480kg, the LFA can sprint from zero to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds.

Photo by: Lexus

Not daddy's Prius, part II

If you can find a piece of track long enough, the LFA can crack a top speed of 325km/h.

Photo by: Lexus

More than more meets the eye

Despite the profusion of vents at the rear of the car, the LFA's engine actually resides at the front.

Photo by: Lexus

A short history

The first LF-A concept car — note the now eliminated hyphen — was revealed at the 2005 Detroit Motor Show. This was then restyled in 2007 for a little more drama and was followed in 2008 by a roadster version.

Photo by: Lexus

Nurburgring bred

Since the initial concept car was revealed oh-so-many years ago, various prototypes have been seen pounding their way around Germany's famed Nurburgring circuit.

Photo by: Lexus

A paddling with paddles

The paddles behind the steering wheel control the LFA's six-speed sequential gearbox via an automatically actuated clutch.

Photo by: Lexus

Just one friend required

There's only seating for two inside the LFA.

Photo by: Lexus

Touched remotely

Lexus' Remote Touch controller, which we first saw on the RX350, makes an appearance in the LFA's centre tunnel. It controls the entertainment, navigation and communication system via the centre LCD screen.

Photo by: Lexus

Cleared for take off

The faster the LFA goes, the closer the rear wing spoiler is to the sky.

Photo by: Lexus

Rev it

The LFA's V10 is redlined at 9000rpm, so there's always plenty of rev range to make exhaust music with.

Photo by: Lexus

Tipping the scales

Instead of just moving the engine, the designers have placed the transmission near the rear axle to improve weight distribution, which now stands at 48 per cent over the front wheels, 52 per cent over the rear.

Photo by: Lexus


The sequential gearbox has seven selectable shift modes. At its quickest setting, and no doubt most brutal too, the six-speed box can shift gears in 0.2 second.

Photo by: Lexus

Bird's eye view

Call us odd, but this top-down view is actually one of the car's more appealing angles.

Photo by: Lexus

Hey shorty

Standing at just 1.22m tall, the LFA is significantly wider than it is tall.

Photo by: Lexus

Final thoughts

We're not entirely sold on the profusion of mesh grilles at the rear, nor the stacked exhaust pipes, but the LFA sure does look mean and aggressive. Oh, and quick too.

Photo by: Lexus
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