Looks as if Lexus didn't get the memo that says hybrid cars are supposed to look ridiculous. The company's unveilified a new LF-Gh hybrid concept ahead of the New York auto show -- and it looks meaner than a junkyard dog that's just self-neutered itself on a raggeddy bit of scrap metal.

The LF-Gh has a clutch of styling highlights, including a new 'spindle' front grille that looks terrifying enough to startle small children and make airborne vermin consider depositing their filth elsewhere.

The LF-Gh's designers have also supplied a set of ginormous air intakes below the Audi-esque LED fog lamps. These reduce drag and improve cooling by passing air from the front through to a pair of air outlets located by the BMW-esque wraparound brake lights at the rear.

The LF-Gh is powered by Lexus' Hybrid Drive technology -- a fact highlighted by the blue LED-backlit Lexus Hybrid Drive badges on the front grille and on the bootlid. Lexus is remaining tight-lipped about the specifics of the hybrid propulsion system, but given the car's size and aggressive looks, we don't expect it to be too far removed from the existing GS 450h.

If that assumption proves true, the LF-Gh should achieve a 0-62mph acceleration time in the region of 6 seconds, a top speed of around 150mph, CO2 emissions of less than 180g/km and combined fuel economy of 36.7mpg.

That's pretty much all we know about the LF-Gh for the moment, but feel free to have a gander through our photo gallery above or watch the video below to get a closer look. More on this bad boy as we get it.

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