Is less more?

The most substantial changes to the rumored Gallardo LP550-2 happen underneath the sheet metal. A rear-wheel drive powertrain replaces the all-wheel drive system of the LP560-4. Additionally, the 5.2-liter V-10 has been detuned to 550 horsepower (2 fewer than the LP560-4).
Photo by: Lamborghini

The supercar diet

Losing the complex all-wheel drive means the Gallardo LP550-2 should also loose some weight (approx. 30 kg).
Photo by: Lamborghini

Lean and mean

Despite having less power and less traction, the LP550-2 should be able to keep up with it's all-wheel driven brother. 100 kph comes from a stop in an estimated 3.9 seconds (3.7 for the LP560-4).
Photo by: Lamborghini

Less sticker shock

The LP550-2 would be positioned as a sort of purists' Gallardo, with only 250 examples being made. It should sticker for about 10% less than the LP560-4. Although 10% off of 200 grand is still pretty rich for our blood.
Photo by: Lamborghini
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