Celebrate 60 years of James Bond's cars, boats and more at Bond in Motion

For the first time in the US, a huge collection of 007's cars, boats and more are on display. Here's what they look like up close.

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Geoffrey Morrison
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Bond in Motion at the Petersen Automotive Museum

Featuring 60 years of legendary vehicles, the Bond in Motion exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is a fantastic look back at iconic vehicular creations from cinema's favorite spy.

For more information about the exhibit and the museum, check out Bond in Motion: 60 years of 007's vehicles at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

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While everyone has a favorite, there is no car that says "Bond" more than the 1964 Aston Martin DB5.

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The one

This DB5 has been used in the most Bond films, including the latest, No Time to Die.

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Non-movie DB5s are powered by a 282-horsepower, 4-liter inline-6.

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American metal

The Mercury Cougar XR-7, driven expertly by Tracy Draco, aka the future Mrs. Bond, in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

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The Bath-O-Sub from Diamonds are Forever was built by legendary car customizer, and no stranger to Hollywood vehicles, George Barris.

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Mach 1 in Vegas

A number of Mach 1 Mustangs were used in Diamonds are Forever. This is one of the 7-liter V8s used in the chase scenes.

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The lightweight Glastron GT-150 was fitted with an engine that had nearly double the stock horsepower to make the record-setting jump in Live in Let Die.

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Almost ruined

The Man with the Golden Gun's incredible barrel roll jump, easily one of the greatest vehicle stunts ever put on film, is almost ruined by John Barry's inclusion of a slide whistle gag. Even he later admitted it was a mistake. 

The car is a 1974 AMC Hornet X with a 5.9-liter V8.

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The Lotus

A favorite of many, including myself, this is one of the seven 1977 Lotus Esprits converted to submarine form for The Spy Who Loved Me.

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Transformer submersible

Most of the Lotuses converted for the film, including this one, were made to show the car/sub at various stages of conversion.

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Wet Nellie

There was only one "true" submarine version, nicknamed Wet Nellie, which is currently owned by Elon Musk.  

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Scuba sub

Wet Nellie wasn't pressurized or in any way watertight. Two scuba drivers, in full gear, drove the sub during filming.

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Pre-doo Sea-Doo

In the early days of personal watercraft, aka Jet Skis and Sea-Doos, there was the WetBike. Bond used one to get to Stromberg's lair in The Spy Who Loved Me.

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Cinema CV

One of the 2CV filming cars from For Your Eyes Only. 

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Ah yes, that classic Bond vehicle, a tuk-tuk.

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A Carlson/Glastron CV-23HT, with its hang glider, as seen in Moonraker.

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Lookout below

Just what every speedboat needs: mines.

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Under the sea

One of the working subs from For Your Eyes Only.

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Looks legit

Certainly one of the better movie-made submarines, though not quite as amazing as those from The Abyss a few years later.

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Aston V8

Another of my personal favorites, the Aston Martin V8 from The Living Daylights.

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Standard equipment

This is one of the stripped-out V8s outfitted with some of Q branch's special equipment.

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A bit spartan

Definitely not a typical Aston interior. It's hard to tell since the colors are similar, but you can see the museum's concrete floor between the wood "floorboards."

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What good are ski-clad outriggers without a little rocket booster.

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Jet Ski upgrade

Bond tools around London in one of these Bentz Boats in The World Is Not Enough. It's powered by a 5.7-liter Chevy V8 with around 300 horsepower.

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Looks fun

Fifteen were built for the movie. This is one of six survivors.

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I'm not a big fan of the "BMW era" of Bond films, though this remote-controlled 750IL is pretty neat.

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Watch your head

I know these are just movie props, but I'm amused at the physics of this. The rocket launches, and part of the exhaust plume goes... directly onto your head.

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Another entry from the BMW era, the lovely Z8.

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What a cut-up

The Z8 is best known for getting cut in half in The World Is Not Enough. Not this exact one, apparently.

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That will buff out

The 2006 DBS from Casino Royale after Bond swerves to avoid running over Vesper Lynd.

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Hover conversion

The stunt won a Guinness Record for most rolls in a car.

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For 2008's Quantum of Solace, seven DBSs were used for the pre-credit chase sequence. This, like several others, features "continuity damage" to make it look like the other damaged vehicles.

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Fun fact: Duct tape is 1,000 times than stronger than carbon fiber. Don't look this up, it's totally a fact.

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Fuel cell

Movie cars are modified in a variety of ways, not least the inclusion of racing fuel cells for greater safety.

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No cloak

The 2002 Vanquish V12 from Die Another Day. The cloaking device was apparently a special effects trick. 

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It's not easy, being green

Also from Die Another Day, Zao's XJR convertible. An odd choice for an ice-bound evil lair, but what do I know? Maybe it has heated seats.

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Watch your head (again)

I sure hope it's not the bottom barrel that fires because that's a sure way to lose your windshield. 

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The stock XJR came with a five-speed automatic. Not sure what it was replaced with, but presumably something more robust.

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Bespoke Aston

The DB10 for Spectre (2015) was the first time Aston Martin designed a car specifically for a Bond movie, despite their long history.

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Bond in Motion

Bond in Motion doesn't require a separate ticket. You can explore the rest of the Petersen too. 

The Vault tour requires a separate ticket and reservation, however.

For more information about Bond in Motion and the museum, check out Bond in Motion: 60 years of 007's vehicles at the Petersen Automotive Museum.  

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