HSV's W427 looks set to be not just the most powerful Aussie-made car but also its most expensive.

427 W427s
HSV will limit production of W427 to a maximum of, you guessed it, 427 units. Cars will be built to order, with sales beginning in August and a retail price of AU$150,000.

Seven litres of power from down under
The car's name derives from its 7.0-litre V8 engine &mdash 427 cubic inches in the old money. A toughened up six-speed manual gearbox will channel the 375kW of power and 640Nm of torque of tyre-frying action to the rear wheels.

Red means go
There's no escaping the W427's supercar pretentions with its red-trimmed interior; the bucket seats, steering wheel, door trims, gear lever and glove box lids are all swathed in bright red leather.

Shhh ...
While the interior screams and shouts, the exterior is rather demure for a range-topping HSV model. There's no high rise rear spoiler, just a (relatively) discrete three-piece carbon fibre spoiler on the boot lip.

Hey there Koala nose
The single most polarising aspect of the car's exterior is its grille, which reminds us rather too much of a Koala's schnoz. Other key external differences from the HSV's GTS model are its 20mm lower ride height and uniquely styled 20-inch alloy wheels.

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