Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ

Honda has hinted at its desire to build a hotter version of the CR-Z sports hybrid since the vehicle launched. With the help of its tuning partner, Mugen Motorsports, that desire becomes a reality today with the launch of the Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ special edition.
Photo by: Honda

Supercharger and more

Mugen started its upgrade of the CR-Z by bolting a supercharger to its 1.5-liter engine, bumping its output to 153 ponies. That's in addition to the 20 horsepower that the electric motor can kick in when needed, bringing the total system output to about 173 horsepower. A cat-back exhaust with dual titanium tips frees up airflow and reduces weight.
Photo by: Honda

Wheels and brakes

The wheel wells are filled with 17-inch forged-alloy wheels wrapped in 205-width Dunlop tires. Peek between the spokes and you'll see the new 11.8-inch brake rotors on the front axle that are gripped by upgraded calipers which are themselves augmented with grippier pads and reinforced micromesh brake lines.
Photo by: Honda

Suspension upgrades

The Mugen RZ sits on a five-way adjustable coilover suspension that allows drivers a bit of customization of the ride characteristics.
Photo by: Honda

Aerodynamic and body upgrades

A new body kit consisting of a new front fascia and side skirts and new aerodynamic upgrades includes an adjustable front spoiler, a rear diffuser, and -- most obviously -- a massive rear wing.
Photo by: Honda

New gauges and plate, but no stereo

Just to the left of the instrument cluster, you may notice the new boost gauge that lets the driver know what the supercharger is doing when you mat the accelerator. Look even closer and you'll see a small, silver serial-number plate above where the stereo would be if this vehicle was equipped with one.
Photo by: Honda

Blue seats make the car go faster

The seats get special blue inserts to match the exterior color. Stitching on the steering wheel matches that same blue. Even the shift knob is unique to the Mugen RZ.
Photo by: Honda

It's JDM, yo!

You may notice that the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. That's because the Mugen RZ is a Japanese domestic market (JDM) only. If you like what you see, you'll have to take a boat or plane to find yourself in the driver's seat.
Photo by: Honda

Azure blue metallic

Honda's only building 300 CR-Z Mugen RZs in azure blue metallic starting November 26 and only in the Japanese market.
Photo by: Honda
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