We're far too lazy at Car Tech to ever clean our cars, but it turns out that's a good thing -- some genius with a paintbrush has devised a way to turn rear-window grime into incredible pieces of art.

That man is Scott Wade, an artist who paints using using dirty cars as his canvas. Rather than the usual dirt-art clich├ęs -- oddly shaped genitalia, "clean me", "if the Prius is a-rocking, don't come a-knocking" -- Wade creates entire masterpieces you wouldn't dream of washing away.

Wade, from San Marcos, Texas, uses an unusual technique. Ironically, he thoroughly cleans each car window before he begins his work. Once dry, he applies dust (plenty to hand in that part of the world) to each windscreen, grabs his trusty paintbrush and begins. Once done, he takes a snapshot for posterity then washes away all trace of his work.

To take a look at Wade's creations, hit 'Continue' below, or to watch him in action, hit the play button on the video just south of these words.

Here's a very dirty couple smeared all over the back of a Mini.
A dirty old man in a Mazda.
A girl with a dirty earring.
More filthy Mazda action. Is that Pat Butcher?
Dirty dawgs.
Utterly bat-poop crazy.
We don't know who Bob is, but he must be chuffed with this.
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