Similar dimension

With the top up, the 500C is nearly indiscernible from its hard-topped brethren.
Photo by: Fiat S.p.A

Open air

With the top down, the 500C gives passengers most of the open air experience they expect from a convertible.
Photo by: Fiat S.p.A.

Space saving design

The 500C's soft top leaves the B and C pillars intact, a design that offers next to zero compromise for trunk space.
Photo by: Fiat S.p.A

Seats four

Despite its small footprint, the 500C seats four. Although, we're not 100% sure how comfortable those backseat passengers will be.
Photo by: Fiat S.p.A

Beautiful interior

The extra light provided by the open cabin illuminates the 500C's absolutely beautiful interior design.
Photo by: Fiat S.p.A

Spring 2009 European launch

The new Fiat 500C will be unveiled at the 2009 International Motor Show in Geneva, and launched throughout Europe in the spring.
Photo by: Fiat S.p.A
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