Powerall Element portable jump-starter

With the Powerall Element, Dad will be ready to jump-start his own or anyone else's car. The Element is a very portable battery pack with enough juice to crank over a car's engine, and also features an emergency LED flashlight.

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Michelin Smart Jumper Cables

If dad pictures himself as a first-rate mechanic, but has electrocuted himself one too many times, the Michelin Smart Jumper Cables make jump-starting a car much safer.

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Automatic smart driving assistant

Dad may not be able to tinker under the hood with a modern car, but he can still track engine performance with the Automatic smart driving assistant. This device plugs into a car's OBDII diagnostic port and sends data about the car to a smartphone app.

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Audiovox Car Connection

Security conscious dads will appreciate the Audiovox Car Connection, a device that keeps track of the family car at all times. It can even let dad know when the kids have taken the car outside of set boundaries or driven recklessly.

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Huawei CarFi mobile hotspot

If dad needs his tablet or laptop nearby at all times, the Huawei CarFi can keep him connected on roadtrips. This WiFi mobile hotspot plugs right into a car's 12-volt power point and includes a USB charging port.

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Cobra Joy Ride

USB adapters for car 12-volt outlets are common place and convenient to have around, but the Cobra Joy Ride takes things a bit farther with and Android app that puts smartphones into a driver-friendly, driver-safe, mode. Android dad's will love this one.

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iSimple BluClik Bluetooth remote control

Does dad use Apple's Siri or Android Voice in the car? BluClik will let him keep his hands on the wheel while accessing voice command on his smartphone.

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PanaVise 15508 PortaGrip smartphone mount

With all the different suction cup mounts for smartphones available, which one is right for dad? How about the toughest one around? PanaVise makes a sturdy smartphone mount out of metal and real hardware, and a strong suction mount.

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Satechi Universal Smartphone CD Slot Mount

If the CD play in dad's car goes completely unused, consider the Satechi CD Slot smartphone mount. Like the name says, it grips into a car's CD slot, adding a mounting clamp for smartphones in easy reach of the driver's seat.

Read more about the Satechi Universal Smartphone CD Slot Mount.

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Garmin Nuvi Advanced 2689 LMT portable navigation device

Get dad the next generation in navigation devices. The Garmin Nuvi Advanced 2689 LMT combines Garmin's excellent navigation software with a connected features, using his smartphone to get traffic data and search for destinations.

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