Petit Fours

A curious cross between Batmobile and boy racer, the Citroen Survolt is latest in the craze du jour: battery powered supercars. Although it could have been a highlight of the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, it's little more than dramatically styled curio.

The Survolt may be all about mixing testosterone, electrons and the environment, but it's a petite little thing at 3.85m long, 1.87m wide and 1.2m tall. In more easily relate-able terms it's about the length of a Mini, almost as wide as the Hummer H3 and around the height of a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Photo by: Citroen

Slim shady

The shape of slim headlights are made possible thanks to LED lighting technology.

Photo by: Citroen


It's hard to tell from these studio shots, but the Survolt is clad in two-tone grey and silver paint, although it's not hard to miss the fuchsia (that's not very manly is it?) highlights.

Photo by: Citroen


As for what's actually driving the Survolt, Citroen's being rather evasive. The company does go on at length about it being "powered by electricity" and how it combines "sports performance with environmental respect and sustainable development" without actually giving us any specifics about range, power, top speed, battery capacity and type, or acceleration.

Photo by: Citroen

Fingers crossed

Hopefully in subsequent motor shows Citroen will fill in the blanks, such as the interior and what's actually driving it.

Photo by: Citroen
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