If you have a Tesla electric sports car, then that messy cable you need to power it up with may be getting on your wick. A company called eCoupled wants to help you out, with wireless induction charging.

The eCoupled system uses induction coils to wirelessly transfer power between the charger (the blue circle on the floor) and the Tesla. All you have to do is park your Tesla near enough to the charger to enable wireless energy transfer. 

The principle behind this system isn't new. It's the same technology that you get in an electric toothbrush. The difference here is that the Tesla needs 1,500W to charge up, not 0.5W. eCoupled claims that its charging technology is 90 per cent as efficient as wired charging, which is pretty remarkable really.

There's more. Not only is there a cool blue circle to park your car on, but there's an iPhone app that communicates with the charging station. From this app, you can see how much charge your car has, and the cost of charging it up. You can even start and stop the charging, should you wish to.

You'll need to have your Tesla modified to take advantage of this system. The material costs are apparently as low as $20 (£13). Fitting charges will be a different matter, no doubt. If you own a Tesla, though, we're pretty sure you'd be capable of coughing up some more cash to get such an awesome accessory. 

When we'll start seeing these chargers cropping up in the real world hasn't been confirmed, but induction charging is definitely the future. 

It may look like a normal Tesla, but a quick check under the car confirms that there's more to this particular roadster.
The glowing ring is the induction charger. It's capable of detecting when people or animals approach, so it can shut itself off for safety purposes.
An iPhone app communicates with the charging system to give you information about local charging zones, as well as tell you about your car's status.
You can get updates on how close to being fully charged your car is, and also how much the charging process is costing you. Very fancy.
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