The BMW Z1 still looks pretty impressive, even now.
They don't make rear ends like this any more. The 328 is a mighty impressive car.
The Z8 was designed with the stunning 507 in mind.
The 328's grille is very imposing.
No matter which way you look at it, the 507 is a very, very good-looking car.
Smooth lines ensure that the Z8's V8 rumble has looks to match its noise.
Lots of want, right there.
A lot can change in just a few years, as these cars show.
The 328 still feels incredibly quick, even in the company of the newer cars.
There are few finer rear ends than the Z8's.
Design cues evolve over time -- can you see what's changed?
The 327 uses a saloon car's underpinnings, but sounds like a proper old-school racer.
From the '30s to 2013 -- BMW's roofless wonders.
Three cars, all made for very different reasons.
The devil's in the detail here.
Which is your favourite?
The 327's story is a very interesting one.
Time for a family photo.
The 507's profile is stunning.
Actually, it's stunning from just about every angle.
V8 + empty track = FUN
The Z4 is an incredibly good car -- fast, fun, good-looking. Not as sporty as you'd expect, though.
Yes. Yes a million times over.
The Z cars on the prowl.
For Alex, the Z8 was the car of the day.
The Z1's door trick was a highlight for all.
From then to now, the Z1 tries to keep up...
BMW's latest roadster, the Z4, is an astonishing bit of kit.
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