Pick me up now

Unlike many April Fool's news stories this car actually exists, but we doubt it'll ever go on sale, which is a shame really.

On a day when fantastic photoshopped news pieces rule, BMW has decided to roll out one of the coolest and cruellest April Fool's Day jokes, an M3 ute, or officially the M3 Pickup.

Unlike our Apple iBiz, Aussie airports using Kinect and screenless BlackBerry, the M3 ute actually does exist — it's been seen doing testing runs on Germany's famous Nurburgring track.

Photo by: BMW


Like the M3 sedan, coupe and convertible, the ute features a 309kW V8 engine. According to BMW it weighs about 50kg more than the convertible and has clocked 300km/h on the Nurburgring track.

Photo by: BMW

Air time

The Pickup seats two, has a tray bed lined in aluminium sheeting and can carry a load of up to 450kg. The targa roof lifts off to save 20kg and to give you true wind-in-the-hair driving.

Photo by: BMW
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