BMW i8 (front angle)

The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid performance car based on the Vision EfficientDynamics concept revealed at the 2009 International Motor Show in Frankfurt.
Photo by: BMW

BMW i8 (gullwing doors)

The gull-winged sports car has a 0-60 mph of less than 5 seconds, and is electronically limited to a top speed of 134 mph.
Photo by: BMW

BMW i8 (rear angle)

Using only the battery power and the electric motor, the 2+2 can travel about 20 miles on electric power alone before switching on its high-performance 3-liter engine.
Photo by: BMW

BMW i8 (front)

Its battery can be fully recharged using a standard power socket in 2 hours.
Photo by: BMW

BMW i8 (LED lights)

The i8's LED tail lights are integrated into the upper layer of the vehicle's rear end.
Photo by: BMW

BMW i8 (side)

Lines along the flanks are meant to give the i8 the impression of forward motion, even when it is at a standstill.
Photo by: BMW

BMW i8 (interior)

The BMW i8 concept shares interior design styling cues and a color palate with the i3 concept.
Photo by: BMW

BMW i8 (driver's seat)

The i8's battery bisects the cabin and separates the driver from the passengers.
Photo by: BMW

BMW i8 (control panel)

The i8's freestanding information display shows relevant driving data in three-dimensional and high-resolution formats.
Photo by: BMW
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