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Picture the scene: you and members of your military junta are rolling down a street in your democratic republic when, out of the blue, springs a brigade of insurgents hell bent on overthrowing your kindly regime. You wouldn't even bat an eyelid if you were ensconced in a High Security version of BMW's 7-Series.

The just announced 7-Series High Security is an armoured vehicle that's the first to comply with the stringent VR6/VR7 security standard, meaning it can withstand all manner of ballistic and gas attacks.

Caption by / Photo by BMW

The 6cm-thick safety glass is bulletproof.

Caption by / Photo by BMW

The passenger cell has its own air supply to protect against gas attacks and is resistant to rocket-propelled grenades. The roof, meanwhile, has protection against two simultaneously detonated DM51 hand grenades, and the floor can withstand grenades of the DM51, RGD5, M67 and L2A2 variety. And land mines.

Caption by / Photo by BMW

The glass and doors are resistant to all sorts of ballistic weaponry.

Caption by / Photo by BMW

Run-flat proof and bulletproof tyres keep the car moving.

Caption by / Photo by BMW

This fire-extinguishing system puts out under-floor fires from land-mines or grenades going off.

Caption by / Photo by BMW

The self-sealing petrol tank reduces the likelihood of explosions.

Caption by / Photo by BMW

Should you grow weary of terrorists chipping the paint on your shiny new ride, you can either reach for the centre-mounted machine gun, or rely on the car's powerful engine to facilitate an expeditious departure. In top-end 760Li guise, its 6-litre V12 will reach 100km/h in a not-unreasonable 6.2 seconds. Interestingly, the standard car does the same sprint in just 4.6 seconds, which gives us a clue as to the amount of extra armour the High Security Seven is carrying.

Prices are available on application, but needless to say, it'll cost a tad more than normal.

Caption by / Photo by BMW
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