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You may have to do without a roof, but the e-tron Spyder makes up for this omission with great looks, blistering pace and extraordinary economy.

The e-tron Spyder follows on from the e-tron coupes (Mark I and Mark II) and the A1 e-tron rotary hybrid.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

Plugged in

Unlike the previous coupe e-trons, the e-tron Spyder isn't a pure electric vehicle. Instead, it's a plug-in hybrid featuring a turbo-diesel V6 behind the driver and passenger, and two electric motors up front.

Photo by: Audi

Diesel hybrid

The turbo-diesel V6 can send 221kW of power and 650Nm of torque to the rear wheels, while the electric motors deliver a combined 64kW and 352Nm to the front wheels.

Photo by: Audi

Silent running

Running on electric power alone the e-tron Spyder can manage up to 50km at speeds not in excess of 60km/h.

Photo by: Audi

Let's go Usain

With all three engines at its disposal, the e-tron can sprint to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds and hit an electronically enforced top speed of 250km/h.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia


Driven a bit more sedately in hybrid mode, Audi claims a range of 1000km and fuel economy of 2.2L/100km.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

Charging info, part I

The front Audi badge slides away to reveal a recharging socket, as well as a display where you can view nearby points-of-interest and charging status information.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

Charging info, part II

The stats and info shown under the badge can also be viewed remotely via an iPhone app.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia


The central instrument cluster is replaced by an LCD screen that can display road and engine speed, as well as drivetrain info. Via an MMI controller in the centre tunnel it can also control the car's music and navigation systems.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

Set to hot

A small touchscreen to the right of the main speed, music and nav display allows the driver to control the climate control air-conditioning system.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

The long and the short of it

It's not entirely apparent from these photos, but the e-tron Spyder is about the same length as Mazda's MX-5 — it is some 10cm wider and 10cm lower though.

Photo by: Audi

Al says hi

The e-tron Spyder's body and panels are aluminium, with the bonnet and various other elements made from carbon fibre. All up, the car weighs 1450kg.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

LED lights

All of the car's exterior lighting uses LED lights, which not only emit plenty of light for little power draw, but can also be fashioned into many interesting shapes.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia

Spin 'em

The 20-inch wheels are made from 66 pieces and are said to resemble turbine blades.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET Australia
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