The 12C was designed by Frank Stephenson.
It's McLaren's answer to the "usual" supercars.
It's got 616 bhp and will easily top 200 mph.
Its power comes from a twin turbocharged 3.8-litre V8.
And it's terrifyingly fast.
Thankfully, it rides incredibly well thanks to trick suspension.
It's based around a carbon-fibre tub.
The tub takes just 4 hours to put together.
The McLaren F1's took much, much longer than that.
All 12Cs are built in Woking, Surrey.
Brake steer is used to keep the 12C in check when you're cornering at (high) speed.
It brakes the inside rear wheel a touch to get the car's nose back in line.
Its F1 derived tech, but was banned shortly after its introduction to the sport, as it was a bit too good.
This is the first true McLaren road car since the F1.
As predecessors go, the McLaren F1 isn't a bad one to have.
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