8 cars and the mates they attract (photos)

We all chose our cars for a different reasons, but what does our choice of wheels say about our love lives? CNET's Antuan Goodwin takes a tongue-in-cheek look at eight types of cars and the mates they attract.


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Fuel-sipping hybrid

An electrified vehicle like the Toyota Prius or Ford Fusion Hybrid may get massive MPGs, but will they similarly electrify your love life?

Guys and gals: You recycle your bottles, you compost your trash, and your carbon footprint doesn't scale with your ego. That's the message the thrifty hybrid sends to that cute vegan when you arrive at your local, organic farmers market. However, steer clear of the sort of guy or gal who asks too soon what sort of car you drive. Your Prius probably won't impress among the car buff set.

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Thrifty econobox

A low-cost car like the Ford Fiesta or Toyota Corolla can be a smart choice with their small footprints, both physical and of the carbon emission sort. But will a thrifty econobox get you a date?

Guys: Depending on the vehicle's age and the modifications (if any) that you've made to it, econoboxes can attract a wide variety of mates. Let the maintenance slip or go too far with the backyard mods and your car could end up working against you.

Gals: Since most "boy racers" are usually, well, boys, we're assuming that your econobox is more or less econo-stock. Your ride probably won't help or hurt your chance at love. Unless your car looks like this.

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Tire-shredding muscle car

Offering gobs of power for at a relatively cheap price, muscle cars have historically been the dumb jocks of the automotive world. But as the line between muscle and sports cars blurs, how does a car like the Mustang GT 500 affect your love life?

Guys: Be careful that you're not letting the car do all of the talking. A muscle car may gather attention (and actual muscles will help), but you'll need more than a loud exhaust to keep it.

Gals: Chances are, the sort of guy you'll attract with, for example, a Challenger SRT-8 will be of the sort to use the word "bro" with disturbing frequency and whose wardrobe consists of Tapout shirts worn without irony. They're not all like that, but the odds are not in your favor. Tread lightly.

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High-powered exotic

Jokes aside about exotic cars owners and their, ahem, compensation issues, most will admit that high-priced, high-performing supercars are a ton of fun.

Guys: The problem with high-priced, high-performing supercars is that they're usually not exactly subtle. Unfortunately, the sort of attention they attract is usually of the shallow sort.

Gals: Expect a similar situation as outlined above, but you'll be hearing much more of the term "Cougar" from Ashton Kutcher types.

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Big ol' truck

If you can get past their fuel inefficient stigma, you'll see that trucks and SUVs offer loads of space, tons (literally) of towing capacity, and can get there when the road lets you down. But does this less beaten path lead to your beloved's heart?

Guys: If you're going to talk the talk, you'll have to walk the walk. Your truck or SUV should be able to tackle anything that Mother Nature throws at it. Likewise, so should you, as the type of mates this class of vehicle will attract will likely be of the outdoorsy sort.

Gals: Call it a double standard, but ladies have a bit more leeway when it comes to larger rides. Choose your class of vehicle wisely to meet your needs as a driver and attract the right sort of partner. A Nissan Murano may be a good fit for romantic trips to wine country, but a Nissan Xterra is probably best for camping couples.

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European luxo-barge

Big, comfortable, and packed to the gills with creature comforts, each luxury sedan on the market attracts a very specific sort of driver with very specific tastes. But what sort of person is attracted to the drivers?

Guys and gals: Put most simply, the sort of person who wants to end up in your heated, massaging passenger seat is one who enjoys the finer things in life. Clearly, so do you, so look for mates at classy events, such as wine tours or gallery openings.

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Cute, little car

Compact cars like the Mazda Miata or the Mini Cooper S may be sweet little rides with handling that's unmatched by larger, more-expensive vehicles. But is that what these micro machines say to your prospective mate?

Guys: Sorry to say guys, but you could spend all day explaining the merits of a short wheelbase and snappy handling, but it won't do you any good. Admitting that you drive a Mini or, worse, a Miata makes attracting mates an uphill battle.

Gals: Be prepared for prospective suitors to dismiss your ride as a hairdresser's car. Show them how wrong they are with a spirited drive on your favorite backroad--the adrenaline rush will make the rest of your date a bit more interesting.

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Minivans seat many passengers, offer carlike handling, and feature plenty of space for "activities"--such as watching movies on their rear seat entertainment systems, what did you think we meant by that?

Guys and gals: Not applicable; driving a minivan effectively renders one invisible to the opposite sex.

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