VW -- 'Sunny Side'

Volkswagen gives a general shout out to Web celebs while Jimmy Cliff sings in this commercial reminiscent of the classic "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" commercial. It looks like an attempt to go viral, and does not bother to show any actual cars.
Photo by: Volkswagen

VW -- 'Get Happy'

Volkswagen's commercial for its new Beetle uses the always-popular-among-frat-boys device of a white guy talking with a Jamaican accent, which seems like a riff on Jimmy Cliff in the Sunny Side commercial.
Photo by: Volkswagen

VW -- 'Bad Dog, Good Volkswagen'

Volkswagen's Jetta commercial demonstrates how easy it is to lock the car's doors while holding a handsome bulldog, but leaves us wondering why the dog needs to go to the vet.
Photo by: Volkswagen

Hyundai -- 'Stuck'

Hyundai's ad for the Sonata is simple, to the point, and mildy humorous in its justification for the extra power provided by the turbocharged trim level.
Photo by: Hyundai

Hyundai -- 'Excited'

However, the automaker's frenetic and slightly annoying second ad promoting the high-powered Genesis 5.0 R-Spec seems to miss the mark.
Photo by: Hyundai

Hyundai -- 'Don't Tell'

Shifting gears to promote the new Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai sells us on the idea that parents can be cool in a charming ad called "Don't Tell."

Photo by: Hyundai

Hyundai - -'Team'

When a young boy loses his football to a bully, he and his mom's Hyundai Santa Fe round up a crew to get it back. "Team" is one of the best and funniest ads in this bunch.

Photo by: Hyundai

Kia -- 'Space Babies'

A flustered father attempts to explain where babies come from in this odd ad for Kia's UVO voice-command system.

Photo by: Kia

Kia -- 'Hotbots'

Kia's Forte commercial departs significantly from its "Space Babies" ad, but each reflects the expected demographic for the car in question. For the Forte, Kia has Alyssa Campanella appearing as a replicant, apparently a combat model.

Photo by: Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Mercedes-Benz -- 'Kate Upton washes the CLA'

We're not sure of what to make of this ad for the new Mercedes-Benz CLA. On the one hand: it's a bit tacky. On the other hand: Kate Upton.

Photo by: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz -- 'Soul'

Mercedes-Benz's next ad is a massive improvement. In this over-the-top commercial, a young man debates signing over his soul for the new CLA and the unbelievable lifestyle that comes with it.

Photo by: Mercedes-Benz

Toyota -- 'I Wish'

Over the background music of Skee-Lo, a purple-clad genie grants wishes as she walks down the street, eventually getting into a Rav4 with the Easter Bunny. This short sets up the next one in the series.
Photo by: Toyota

Toyota -- 'Wish Granted'

Again our purple-clad genie shows up, granting a Rav4-owning family's wishes. Well, all except for dear old Dad.
Photo by: Toyota

Audi -- 'Prom'

In one of Audi's "Bravery" series of ads, boy drives Audi to prom alone, boy steals girl, boy gets punched in the face, boy and girl drive away.
Photo by: Audi

Fiat -- 'Sisters'

Fiat exploits the discomfort of a family when confronted with the Italian in-laws, in this clever commercial for the 500L.
Photo by: Fiat

Fiat -- 'Date'

Another 500L commercial, this one shows some beautiful, apparently Italian, country roads, and manages a comic twist ending. The 1950s style gives it appropriate flair.
Photo by: Fiat

Fiat -- 'Wedding'

Using the same 1950s style as the previous, this one demonstrates the roomy nature of the 500L by having two bridesmaids dress in the backseat.
Photo by: Fiat

Fiat -- 'Topless'

This commercial, featuring a bikini-stealing scorpion, plays off the theme set by last year's Fiat Super Bowl commercial, in which the Abarth was equated to a sexy Italian woman.
Photo by: Fiat

Fiat -- 500e

The finale in Fiat's amusing series of commercials shows the 500e electric vehicle, a surprising car for the company to be touting during the Super Bowl, in a performance test gone awry.
Photo by: Fiat

Subaru -- 'Tailgate'

Subaru has released a series of teasers leading up to its Super Bowl ad campaign. The ads will revolve around a Subaru dealership that sells cars to dogs.

Photo by: Subaru

Subaru -- 'Let's Talk Financing'

Is Subaru calling its drivers dogs? Is it bragging about brand loyalty? Is talk about financing going to get anyone excited about buying a Forester?

Photo by: Subaru

Subaru -- 'On the Lot'

Dogs aren't your thing? Apparently, Subaru also sells to cats. This ad campaign makes no sense to me. How does the cat reach the pedals?!?

Photo by: Subaru

Subaru -- 'Lint Roller'

Subaru's teasers use a sort of mockumentary style that is supposed to be humorous, but is ultimately rather tedious and boring. Hopefully, the full ads will be more interesting on Sunday.

Photo by: Subaru
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