We've found some pictures of the next Porsche 911. No, don't bother getting up -- it looks pretty much the same as the old one. And the one before that. And Herbie. But that should come as no surprise, as Porsche has been living by the 'if it ain't broke then churn out another one' doctrine for decades.

Look (much) closer though and you'll find several tweaks. This latest 911, which is known as the type 991 to help distinguish it from the other Neunelfers, is longer, lower and wider than the type 997 that came before it. It also uses a stronger, lighter chassis that should form the basis of other Porsches, such as the Cayman and Boxster.

The new 911 sports a couple of very subtle aesthetic changes. These include a smoother, vent-free bonnet that's designed to be friendlier to pedestrians in an impact situation, plus slightly tweaked headlamp clusters, wider, blade-style LED day running lights and modified air intakes. Round the back, Porsche's installed smaller, blade-like lights, what appear to be fog lamps flanking the number plate and some slightly more 'adventurous' lines around the rear spoiler.

Big changes abound on the inside. This car's interior is heavily influenced by those of the Panamera and Cayenne. It looks far more luxurious than the outgoing 911's, and will almost certainly add weight, but cripes, just look at it -- it's gorgeous. Here's hoping that leather's stain resistant.

Whether the new 911 gets the same tech as the Panamera remains to be seen, but judging by the pictures, that might just be the case. We're keeping our fingers crossed it'll include a version of the Panamera's breathtaking Burmester audio system, if nothing else.

Currently, Porsche hasn't confirmed what sort of engines will be used across the new 911 range, but the entry-level Carrera will likely use a 3.4-litre flat six chucking out something in the region of 350bhp. The souped-up S model, meanwhile, should get a 3.8-litre lump with 400 horses and a choice of seven-speed twin-clutch PDK or seven-speed manual gearboxes.

We'll have more on the new 911 when we go hands-on with it at the Frankfurt Motor Show in early September.

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