Bentley Flying B paperweight

BMW M Carbon USB stick

Corvette Tire Gauge Kit

Scuderia Ferrari R200 Headphone

Ford Tachymeter Watch

Mercedes-Benz Wine Tool Set

Vintage auto posters

Die-cast scale car models

Six-speed cuff links

Engine block coffee table

Any Bentley owner is likely to have a desk somewhere, probably covered in deeds to estates, prospective movie scripts, or oil rights contracts. And while far away from their Bentleys, these owners will want a reminder for themselves and their subordinates of their classic piece of British motoring heritage. This Bentley hood ornament paperweight serves both purposes.

Bentley Collection: 65 pounds ($102)

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Judging from the advanced technologies available on BMWs, BMW owners love their tech. This 8GB USB drive, cleverly disguised as a key fob, will thrill any BMW fan. At least until she becomes frustrated from confusing this thumbdrive with the actual key.

BMW Lifestyle shop: 29 euro ($38)

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The Corvette driver is not afraid to get his hands dirty, and appreciates a practical gift. This official Corvette kit not only includes a tire gauge, but a flashlight and pen as well.

Corvette Collection: $24

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After some fast cornering in a Ferrari, listening to that finely tuned exhaust note, the Ferrari driver will need a little music to soothe the savage beating of her heart. These R200 headphones are just the thing to help cool boiling blood. Plus, she can take them traveling and the prancing horse logo will proudly proclaim Ferrari ownership.

Ferrari Store: 278 pounds ($436)

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This watch features a classic Mustang logo on the face, and "tachymeter" markings around the bezel. The bearer can rev up his day as the watch hands climb up the power band.

The Ford Collection: $109.95

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The upscale nature of the Mercedes-Benz marque and wine snobbery appreciation go hand in hand. What Benz owner wouldn't find a use for corkscrew and stopper. Even better, a replica of a 300SL shift knob tops the stopper.

Mercedes-Benz Collection: $54

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Find your favorite automotive brand among this collection of original automotive art and memorabilia. This online store features original prints going back to the 1900s, and covers a wide range of brands.

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When we can't be out driving our automo-loves, we can still appreciate them from these detailed scale models. Online store Replicarz carries a large selection of these homun-car-lus.


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Need a reason to dress up? These six-speed cuff links will make any auto enthusiast go out and buy a set of French cuff shirts, just for the opportunity to show off a manual gear shift pattern. $24.99

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OK, time to get serious. All the preceding is mere frippery compared with an engine block coffee table. There is no greater sign of automotive devotion than placing one of these babies in the middle of the living room.

You can DIY an engine block coffee table with the assistance of any nearby junkyard, or order one on Engine Hacker's Etsy page.

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