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Volkswagen ID 4 electric SUV has an official reveal date

VW previously said we'd see the new EV in late September. Now, mark your calendars for Sept. 23.

Volkswagen ID 4 teaser
A familiar face coming to the US quite soon.

We have a date for when we'll see Volkswagen's first purpose-built electric car for the US. The ID 4 electric SUV will (finally) show face on Sept. 23. The automaker dished out the official reveal date after weeks of teasers and hints. Before, all we knew was the SUV was meant to debut in late September, and the reveal's been a long time coming since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world. Rumor has it the ID 4 was actually supposed to show up at the New York Auto Show, which was cancelled, this past April.

VW had nothing else to share about the ID 4 along with the reveal date, but at this point, thanks to leaks and teasers, I feel like we've essentially seen the entire vehicle. If you love the ID 3 electric hatchback, which is for Europe only, the ID 4's fascia should be easy to love with identical headlights and a light bar connecting the two parts. The rear diverts from the ID 3 more with a long taillight bar that spans the rear, but it certainly doesn't look bad. It's just not a surprising look after so many mentioned leaks and teaser photos at this point.

We also got a great look at the interior earlier this month, which practices minimalism to the nth degree. Although it's a pretty clean look inside, the cockpit's shaping up to be a stylish place. Obviously, I can't wait to sit in the real thing and get a true feel for interior.

Technical specs are much more of a mystery, though curiously, the ID 4 will launch in the US without an all-wheel drive option to start. Instead, the first electric SUVs will only be available with a rear-wheel drive layout. That could be a turn off for those in areas outside of the sunbelt and dry climate patterns in the west. AWD will come, but not right away. As for range, you can expect somewhere around 300 miles to a single charge when the EPA runs its slew of tests.

The first ID 4 SUVs will come from Germany, but eventually, VW plans to build the SUV in two other factories around the world. An assembly plant in China will build the EV locally for the country, and after that, the ID 4 will also call Tennessee home as VW prepares to ramp up production of the car right here in the US. If you fall in love with the SUV, VW will also open reservations to nab your ID 4 for just $100 upfront.

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