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VW ID 4 is the production ID Crozz electric crossover we've been expecting for a while

Despite not letting the US get in on the fun with the ID 3 hatchback, the company has committed to bringing the ID line here with its carbon-neutral second model.

Volkswagen's first US-bound ID model is called the ID 4 and this is what it looks like.

We're just as bummed as you guys that the Geneva Motor Show is canceled, but just because there's no show doesn't mean there aren't any cool new cars to talk about. One that we're very excited about is the production version of Volkswagen's ID Crozz concept, which is making its live debut in New York, but VW's big news for Geneva was the name -- ID 4 -- and the best part is it's set to come to the US.

VW's announcement on Tuesday that the ID 4 would be a global car -- destined to be manufactured and sold in Europe, China and the US -- means that we're finally getting in on the EV fun that Europe has been enjoying with the ID 3 hatchback. Like the ID 3, the ID 4 is based on the electric-only MEB architecture that Volkswagen has developed to carry it away from the stink of Dieselgate and into the future.

So, apart from its name and its platform, what do we know about ID 4? Well, VW claims that it's got an especially slippery shape, which will help it to eke out a claimed range of up to 310 miles (though that range is likely to drop significantly once we get EPA range estimates) and we know it'll be out later this year.

It'll be rear-wheel drive as standard, with all-wheel drive being offered as an optional extra -- though not at launch. The folks from Wolfsburg also state that the ID 4 will have a digital cockpit and advanced voice recognition capability. Beyond that, folks, we're in the dark. Oh, except for one little thing. The advent of the ID 4 has signaled the death knell of the long-suffering VW E-Golf.

Yep, that's right. The E-Golf is going the way of the dodo, according to a report published Monday by Road & Track, now that purpose-built, electric-from-the-ground-up vehicles are imminent. We liked the electrified Golf for what it was, but we're not sad to see it and other so-called "compliance cars" go.