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Tesla Model Y boasts heated radar to help Autopilot in the cold

It should help keep the system operational when the car's full of snow and ice.

Heated radar should keep driver assist systems active in the cold.

If your car has any sort of active safety or driver assist features, you probably know they may go offline should snow or ice cover their radar and other sensors. It's not a problem exclusive to Tesla, but the electric carmaker has installed a nifty system in its latest vehicle to help Autopilot operate in the coldest conditions.

On Wednesday, a Twitter user published a wiring diagram for the Tesla Model Y that shows the electric SUV comes with a radar heater. With heat sent to the radar unit, it should help Autopilot operate even if the rest of the Model Y becomes caked with snow or ice.

The automaker didn't immediately return a request for comment to learn more about this system, but it's the second nifty feature discovered in the Model Y. Previously, we learned the SUV became the first Tesla to use a heat pump, which will certainly help the battery focus on powering the car, not the HVAC system, in cold temperatures.

Without the finer details, we can only wait for drivers to test the latest feature in the Model Y. The electric SUV began shipping out to customers earlier this month on the west coast, and Tesla still plans to continue deliveries amid the coronavirus outbreak, albeit with more precautions. The automaker also shut down its plant in Fremont, California, to comply with a shelter-in-place order.

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