Tesla Cybertruck won't shrink for production, second smaller model could happen

Despite reports, Elon Musk now says the Cybertruck won't be downsized from the concept. That could make it a tough fit in your garage.

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Sean Szymkowski
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Tesla's Cybertruck will remain a massive thing.


Months after the Tesla Cybertruck wowed the internet, the company's CEO Elon Musk declared the electric pickup would likely end up being a little smaller for production. Musk often floated a figure of around 3% smaller. However, that doesn't seem like the plan any longer.

On Saturday, Musk tweeted and said even a Cybertruck that's 3% smaller will be too small after reviewing the design with chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen. Now, the plan is to keep the pickup "pretty much" the same size as the prototype. What's good news for those who think Tesla's first planned pickup is too big is the fact Musk says Tesla a smaller "world truck" in mind for the future.

We've known the Cybertruck is a mammoth thing for awhile, but just to reiterate the fact, let's revisit this nifty augmented reality app. An app showed the prototype pickup inside a rather standard American garage and the nose still remained inches outside the structure. It's not a Tesla-specific issue: As trucks have grown larger in recent years, Americans have started upgrading their garages to fit these big rigs inside. Those with plans to take delivery of a Cybertruck will likely need to draw up plans for a larger garage, too.

We should see Tesla's Cybertruck start production late next year, and before then, we'll surely learn where the company plans to build it. The automaker eyes a central US location to build the pickup and the Model Y for the east coast. We learned last week Tesla allegedly narrowed locations down to two cities: Tulsa, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas.

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