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Elon Musk: Production Tesla Cybertruck will be smaller, kick butt off-road

The electric truck will shrink by about 3%, and there's a new air suspension in the works.

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It'll be smaller and maybe a little sleeker, per Musk.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the king of doling out precious information and details via Twitter. For years, it's been common for fans to ask questions and receive a response from Musk, and the same formula played out on Twitter this Thursday.

A fan simply asked for a bit of news surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck and the CEO replied with two new bits of information. First, he said Tesla has a new "dynamic air suspension" in the works specifically for the Cybertruck. He followed up to say it won't be based on the air suspension found in the Model S and Model X.

The new suspension will help the electric pickup truck be a formidable machine off-road and Musk declared the company's rig needs to "kick butt at Baja," a nod to the famed off-road race that tests machines to their core.

A second Twitter user queried Musk on the biggest change from the prototype we saw last year to the production model so far, and we learned the pickup will be a smidge smaller. Musk says compared to the Cybertruck we saw debut, the production model will be around 3% smaller with a more level center line. The windowsill height will also come down, which I imagine will help the Cybertruck look a little sleeker. Tesla didn't immediately respond to Roadshow's request for more information on what Musk discussed.

Production of the trimotor-powered Cybertruck is planned for late 2021 with less powerful models planned for production in 2022. Musk also said via Twitter last month the company is scouting areas in the central US for a new production plant to build the Cybertruck, but it's not clear whether there's a shortlist.

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First published April 17.