Tesla Cybertruck might not fit your garage, AR app cautions

Oh, you want to park it in your garage? That may not work for most typically sized garages.

Future Tesla Cybertruck owners may need to start searching for a contractor to draw up blueprints for a remodeled, larger garage.

A video posted Friday by YouTuber Tesla Raj shows an augmented reality app portraying a life-sized Cybertruck in his garage, and guess what? It doesn't fit. The app depicts the electric pickup truck basically kissing the garage's wall, while inches of the Cybertruck's behind stick out of the garage door.

Yeah, the Cybertruck is a pretty massive thing -- at least for a Tesla.

This isn't a problem that solely affects the Cybertruck, of course. As Americans have swiftly traded in their lower and smaller sedans for taller pickup trucks and SUVs, numerous drivers have found this same problem. In 2018 the Detroit Free Press detailed how a niche business of garage remodels has taken builders by storm in some parts of the US. On average, these homeowners spent anywhere between $3,000 and $12,000 to make sure their big SUV or pickup truck fits in their garage.

Height and length are the big issue here, as 8-foot-tall garages quickly replace standard 7-foot ones, and some homeowners ask for the rearmost wall of the garage to be pushed out further. According to the 2018 report, some have even designed "cubbies" so the front bumper and hood slide neatly into the garage without the need to extend the full wall. Tesla's electric pickup stands 75 inches tall and measures 231.7 inches long, and that's pretty comparable with a standard-issue Ford F-150.

So, no, this isn't a Cybertruck-specific issue, but with the amount of attention the electric truck has picked up, it's highlighting an ongoing issue with larger vehicles in the US.

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