Tesla Cybertruck will 'float' for a bit, according to Elon Musk

Why would an electric pickup need to float? It's not clear. But Musk says it will for a short period of time.

So, it'll float.
Tim Stevens/Roadshow

The Tesla Cybertruck will "float for awhile," should owners find themselves in an instance that requires such a feature. That's the latest Tesla CEO Elon Musk had to say about the carmaker's upcoming electric pickup truck.

Musk spilled the news via Twitter on Monday after replying to fans on the social media site. As for what the floating feature truly entails, we don't know. Tesla did not immediately return a request for comment. But Musk's comment was directed at someone who questioned the Cybertruck's ability to wade through water, as the person said they sometimes need to cross streams while hunting or fishing.

Clearly, the Cybertruck will be able to wade through water and float, per Musk. How a driver might be able to choose between doing either of those actions isn't clear, however. Perhaps there's not an option at all.

Musk seems thrilled about the Cybertruck. In a separate tweet replying to another fan, the CEO said the electric pickup will benefit from the same heat pump system featured in the Model Y "and a whole lot more" before declaring "I'm dying to make the Cybertruck." Production isn't scheduled to start until late 2021 and Musk previously confirmed the company's scouting central US locations to build a new factory just for Cybertruck production. Missouri's gone as far as courting the car-maker with a $1 billion proposal package.

From what Musk claims, it sounds like the Cybertruck will be a tough thing off-road. Musk tweeted recently about a new air suspension system that will help it kick butt off-road. He also previously mentioned a Plaid Cybertruck, which often refers to high-performance Tesla models.

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