Tesla Cybertruck engineering is done, first deliveries will happen this year, Musk says

The first trucks should make their way into customers' hands later this year.

Will the production model look like this? Who knows.

Tesla plans to deliver the first examples of its Cybertruck by the end of this year. That's the latest from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, speaking to members of the media during the company's quarterly earnings call on Wednesday.

"We'll make a few deliveries of the Cybertruck in 2021," Musk said, "but volume production is set for next year."

Musk also confirmed the Cybertruck is past its design and engineering phases. "We've got the designs fixed," he said. "We'll soon order the equipment necessary to make the Cybertruck." Whether or not the production version will look like the angular debut truck is still anyone's guess.

On that note, Musk said Cybertruck production will require an even larger casting press than the one being used for the Model Y. An 8,000-ton press will be necessary to make the truck, compared to 6,000 tons for the Model Y.

The first Cybertrucks to reach production will be the most powerful, tri-motor variants, according to an earlier report. The more affordable versions will be built in 2022. The Cybertrucks will be built at Tesla's new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, which could be up and running as soon as May.

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