Tesla is hiring in Austin, Texas to build its new Gigafactory

The automaker needs people with expertise in the fields of construction, engineering and human resources.

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Tesla Cybertruck promo

Yeah, the Tesla Cybertruck looks... unusual, but it promises impressive performance.

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Last month, Tesla announced it plans to build a new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas to assemble its upcoming Cybertruck , among other all-electric offerings, including the crossover and the heavy-hauling Tesla Semi. But before any vehicles can roll off the line, the automaker has to, you know, actually build the manufacturing facility. To do this, it needs skilled people.

To attract said talent, more than 20 Gigafactory-related job openings are currently posted on the Tesla careers webpage. These positions are mostly related to construction, engineering and similar fields, though there are other openings in the human-resources and customer-service areas. If you've been looking to get a foot in the door at Elon Musk's company, this could be the perfect opportunity. When it's up and running, by the end of next year, the facility should employ around 5,000 people.

With its wide-open spaces and plenty of agriculture, the Lone Star State is a huge market for pickups, and several automakers including and GM already build rigs there. Tesla will be the latest manufacturer to screw trucks together in Texas.

As for its unconventionally styled Cybertruck, according to Musk, Tesla already has at least 200,000 reservations in the books. Whether it proves to be that popular once examples become available remains to be seen. It's also unknown if Tesla can challenge established automakers at the pickup game, with their entrenched market share and customer base.

Tesla Cybertruck is like nothing else, and it'll be built in Austin

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