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Tesla Arcade disappears from EVs in Hong Kong

It's not clear why the feature left Tesla cars locally, but the latest software update notes explicitly note its removal.

No more of this for those in Hong Kong.

Tesla owners in Hong Kong no longer have access to the Tesla Arcade in their electric cars.

Following the latest software update for Tesla vehicles (designated 2020.28.6), the automaker mentions the Arcade function has been removed from cars in Hong Kong. Tesla Arcade lets drivers and passengers play games on the car's screen while the car is stationary.

"Due to local regulations, the Tesla Arcade has been removed from your car," the notes read. What regulations Tesla Arcade violated isn't clear. The automaker did not immediately return a request for comment.

Other tech companies recently said that they're pausing the review of Hong Kong government requests for user data as they look more closely at a new national security law China imposed on the region that has curbed political expression.

It's not the first time Tesla removed a feature from its cars running about Hong Kong. Though we never received an answer, the electric carmaker removed Tesla's in-car internet browser from vehicles in the area. Again, the notes at the time said the action came because of "regulations."

Tesla Arcade is not available while the vehicle moves, so it's even stranger why the company had to pull the games. At any rate, Tesla Arcade sticks around in the US and the company most recently added mobile games like Fallout Shelter.

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