Super73 ZX first ride review: Rad midrange e-bike

This good-looking electric bicycle is an incredible value.

Evan Lee Miller Video Producer
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Evan Lee Miller

This is Super73's newest e-bike -- the ZX -- and I've gotten my mitts on it for a first ride. I have to say, to my eyes, this is one of the best looking e-bikes out there -- it's right up with the LeMond Prolog and Vanmoof S3.

The aluminum-frame Super73 ZX sits in between the brand's base model Z1 and midrange S2, a fair distance from the company's RX flagship. The most significant differences between the base Z1 and this ZX is that this bike includes an LCD display, one that can pair with iOS and Android devices through Super73's mobile app.

Did I mention the ZX also has Unlimited Mode? This mode unleashes the full potential of the electric powertrain, all 1,350 watts of it. This nets you a top speed of 28 mph using throttle power alone and the bike just comes alive with this feature. In fact, it's entertaining and practical enough that I think if you're going to get a Super73, it's super important to choose a model with Unlimited Mode (in other words, skip the Z1).

The Super73 ZX costs $1,995. I think that's a decent price for everything you get. Of course, if you spend a little more money and splurge on the S2, you get more power and a front suspension, which is definitely worth considering. Check out the video above, where I take a ride through downtown Los Angeles and see how the ZX stacks up within Super73's lineup.

Super73 ZX: One of the most stylish e-bikes out there

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