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The Super73 S2 is part e-bike, part electric motorcycle

Whether you need a weekday commuter or a weekend toy, the S2 has you covered.

I'll be honest: I didn't want to like the Super73 S2. Countless vloggers raved about it and its Instagram ads were always in my face. It all seemed too trendy. But then I stepped over the seat and, well, damn. Those vloggers were right.

The Super73 S2 is equal parts weekday commuter and weekend toy. You can get to work comfortably on the e-bike and then you can pop off the road and hit the trails on your way home. There's even an Unlimited Mode that turns this e-bike into an electric motorcycle, and it's my favorite thing about the S2.

In the video above, watch as I take the Super73 e-bike through San Francisco, unleash Unlimited Mode and get it dirty.