The Vanmoof S3 electric bike is the future of urban mobility

This new e-bike perfectly handles daily life in San Francisco.

Evan Lee Miller Video Producer
Evan has spent the last 26 years in Denver, Colorado where he has been pursuing photography and video production. In his free time he enjoys skateboarding, hiking and taking photographs. Most recently, he moved to San Francisco to join the Roadshow crew.
Evan Lee Miller

Long gone are the days of unassisted pedaling. Sure, there's still a place in the world for traditional bikes, but modern e-bikes are really changing the way people get around -- especially in a congested (and steep) city like San Francisco.

The Vanmoof S3 e-bike is a new and unique entry in this space. It's like the combination of a Tesla and an Ikea chair: electric, loaded with tech, yet functional and looks great. It's got Apple and Android connectivity, not to mention its own growling (literally) security system. As far as e-bikes are concerned, Vanmoof has truly thought of everything.

But rather than give it all away in text, check out the video above to see what life is like with Vanmoof's electric bike. It's even got a turbo button! What's not to love?

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Vanmoof's S3 e-bike is perfect for city life

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