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Rivian R1T, R1S deliveries begin this July: Here come the much-hyped EVs

It's been a long time, but Rivian is finally ready to hit the road this summer.

Rivian R1T
Finally, this thing's on the way.

It's been four years since Rivian entered the scene, promising adventure-filled trucks and SUVs in the R1T and R1S. Now, the company is ready to put the first of them on the road. The company said Thursday deliveries of its trucks and SUVs start this July.

The delivery time is actually one month later than first promised, but still, the company seems serious about finally getting its much-hyped EVs into the hands of buyers. This week, Rivian Guides (the company's name for personal concierges) will start reaching out to those with orders and begin the delivery process. After a brief introduction with your personal Guide, they'll confirm some information and set up an estimated delivery date. Not everyone's getting their Rivian this summer, however. The company noted deliveries begin with the Launch Edition, and it plans to finish up the first models by spring 2022. Anyone waiting for standard Rivian models will have to wait. By the end of November, everyone waiting for a Launch Edition will have a delivery date.

Before that, Rivian encouraged people with orders to check out their accounts to make sure their soon-to-be real R1T or R1S is perfect, since it added new options. There's an Off-Road Upgrade package for Launch Edition vehicles now and Rivian Adventure Gear joins the options list. Additionally, every Rivian will now come with the company's onboard air compressor as standard.

The patience practicing is nearly over, Rivian fans. Just a little while longer, and hopefully, these utes will be worth the wait. Reviews Editor Emme Hall previously drove a preproduction R1T and thinks it's going to be a game changer, if you need an appetizer.