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Porsche might have more Taycan EV reservations than VW has for ID 3

Both have some impressive totals overall, though.

We've already taken the Taycan drifting on ice in Sweden. Now, we just can't wait to see the darn thing without camouflage.


While the Porsche Taycan electric sports car and the Volkswagen ID 3 electric mass-market hatchback have about as much in common as a tuna fish sandwich and Euler's formula, they are still both electric cars that happen to offer reservations ahead of production. You might think the much more affordable car would garner a bit more attention than the expensive one; you might also be wrong.

According to a report from German-language business newspaper Handelsblatt this weekend, Porsche board member Andreas Haffner indicated that Porsche has 30,000 orders for the Taycan already. This is a pretty large leap from the last estimate we heard in March, when Porsche said over 20,000 people had registered their interest.

Consultant and analyst Matthias Schmidt pointed out in a tweet that, according to the most recent data, Porsche has more Taycan reservations than Volkswagen has reservations for the ID 3 electric hatchback. VW's most recent deposit estimate, about 22,000, came from Jürgen Stackmann, the VW board member responsible for sales and marketing.

While it might seem odd that a car with, in all likelihood, at least twice the base price will command more reservations, it makes sense. VW's ID 3 hatchback is a mass-market vehicle, part of a giant onslaught that will feature multiple body types, and not everyone might want the ID 3 itself over, say, an ID Buzz or an ID Crozz. On the other hand, the Taycan is the first electric Porsche, which carries a bit of cachet, and Porsche fanatics and moneyed EV geeks alike are probably champing at the bit to pick a Taycan up as quickly as possible.

Porsche is set to unveil the Taycan in early September. While it's working on the frontend stuff, it's also massively investing in its backend, throwing some 6 billion euro at its manufacturing facilities to handle Taycan production. The automaker is clearly impressed with demand for the car, as it's already made moves to double first-year production from 20,000 cars to 40,000. With a starting price between the Cayenne and Panamera, it shouldn't break the bank, either.

(Hat tip to InsideEVs!)

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