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Mercedes-Benz teases EQ electric car concept ahead of Frankfurt

It appears this may be our first look at the EQ sedan model.

Mercedes-Benz EQ concept teaser, Frankfurt 2019
Are you the EQS sedan?

Mercedes-Benz plans to build a family of EQ-branded electric cars, and we've received our first cloaked look at the next vehicle.

On Tuesday, the German luxury brand shared a photo of the EQ concept car headed to the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show. No additional details were attached to the photo but the company said the car represents the "next chapter" of the EQ subbrand's vision. It's been long rumored that Mercedes-Benz has an EQS electric sedan in the works, and judging by the teaser's profile, this might be it.

The EQS would effectively be the S-Class of the EQ division with the fanciest of materials, best technology and the best of the best reserved for it. If the EQS does show up as a concept at Frankfurt, it would actually make a lot of sense. Mercedes-Benz might be itching to steal the spotlight from Porsche and the Taycan electric sedan. While the Taycan debuts on Sept. 4, the global media will get its first up-close look at Porsche's first electric car in Frankfurt.

It's tough to make out any details of the concept, but look for a large grille area (likely with blue lights) and the big light-up Mercedes star to be front and center. Already, this concept appears to differ from past vehicles, however. Instead of swoopy, thin headlights like on the EQC concept, three dotted running lights appear under the sheet. It will be interesting to see how the EQ design language has evolved and how it translates to a sedan, if this is one.

So far, the company has revealed a production EQC crossover SUV and EQV van. The latter will also make its public debut at the Frankfurt show. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz showed the EQA concept that likely previews a compact electric car from the subbrand, sized like the traditional A-Class.

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