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Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA is the future of electric Sensual Purity

Think the car of tomorrow is going to look boring? Think again.

If the phrase "Sensual Purity" sounds like a Barry White B-side, you're not wrong. But it's actually a term that Mercedes-Benz coined to describe its design paradigm for its current lineup of cars. From the humble A-Class up to the AMG GT, Sensual Purity is the guiding force that has made for some attractive cars. At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the company is giving us a peek at what's next with its Concept EQA.

The Concept EQA is a preview of a future electric coupe, a swoopy follow-up to the Generation EQ. Simple and, indeed, pure on its exterior, the EQA hints at the design of Mercedes-Benz cars to come while giving us a look at what might appear under the hood. In this case, it's a dual-motor, all-electric powertrain producing about 270 horsepower.

The dual-motor design, with one motor powering the front wheels and a second at the rear, will give this car all-wheel drive. That's useful for those of us who drive in inclement weather, also giving this car better handling in the dry. Torque can be vectored from front to back, helping the EQA pull itself around corners.

Mercedes-Benz hasn't made any range promises about range, but it does say that the car will introduce a feature the company calls "seamless charging." This will allow the car to charge at home from traditional wall-mounted chargers or even wirelessly via an induction plate on the floor of your garage. The car will also be able to use public rapid chargers, and Mercedes says payment will be somehow automated through the car.

The EQA's final talking point is the grille. It's large and pronounced like many modern Mercedes, but this one is dynamically reconfigurable. It's actually a display panel of some sort and, depending on your driving mode, changes from a calm, cool blue to a rather more aggressive red. That should be all the clue that anyone dawdling in the passing lane should need that they'd best get out of your way.

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