McLaren taps the brakes on new car launches this year

The coronavirus pandemic sapped momentum at the sports carmaker, but its most recent launches are still on track this year.

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Sean Szymkowski
McLaren Elva
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McLaren Elva

The Elva is still on track for a launch this year.


We'll see slow its roll this year as the company responds to the coronavirus pandemic. The British sports carmaker plans to dial back its ambitious plans to introduce 18 new models or derivatives by 2025, though its most recent cars are still on schedule for a launch later this year.

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt delivered the news during the Automotive News Daily Drive podcast. "Working out the business plan" for 2021 will prove challenging as the company deals with the curveball the pandemic threw the entire auto industry, he said. For McLaren, which sells pricey machines, the automaker will work to forecast the market to understand what kind of "appetite" will exist.

Flewitt added the pandemic probably pushed new cars scheduled for 2021 and beyond back by two years and warned 2020 will be a dry year when it comes to launches. The 765LT and Elva roadster are absolutely on track, though, even if it's more challenging than previously imagined. Next year will likely serve as a recovery year to regroup and regain lost momentum, the CEO also said.

McLaren has continuously dropped new vehicles in metronomic fashion since 2018 under the "Track 25" business plan, and it's brought us cars like the 600LT and the GT. We'll just need to get used to the fact we probably won't get a couple new British supercars every year for now.

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This is it, the McLaren Elva!

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