McLaren to launch 18 new cars, go 100 percent hybrid by 2025

It's a more fleshed-out version of the plan McLaren introduced in 2016.

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In 2016,  CEO Mike Flewitt promised that half its cars would be hybrids by 2022, part of an electrification plan called Track22. Now, that plan stretches a bit further and promises way more electrification.

McLaren has adjusted its Track22 plan to stretch out to 2025. Now called Track25 (fitting), the automaker claims its sports car and supercar lineups will be 100 percent hybrid by 2025, up from 50 percent by 2022. That's huge, and it shows McLaren is really, truly dedicated to seeing this out.

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McLaren also confirmed that it will continue to focus on midengine cars, not that any of us were worried about that changing.


McLaren's cars are definitely at home on the track, so the company wants to ensure that its electrified cars can actually handle the track. To that end, McLaren said it is working to develop a "lighter, superfast-charging, high-power battery system" that should permit more than 30 minutes of track use.

So where will all this electrification end up? In a whole bunch of new cars, that's where. McLaren claims it will produce 18 new cars between now and 2025, all of which will continue to be hand-built at McLaren's facility in Woking, England. It's not 18 new models, though -- it's a mix of new models and derivatives, like how there's a and a .

One specific model that McLaren called out, though, was its P1 hypercar from 2013. The company confirmed that it will create a successor to this hyper hybrid, although it didn't offer any details beyond that.

The next seven years will be hugely important for McLaren. If it follows through with its Track25 plan in its entirety, it could well have the most advanced lineup of supercars across the entire automotive industry. Here's hoping.

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