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Maserati MC20 sports car shows off with a Stirling Moss wrap

The Italian brand gives us another look at its new sports car -- and honors Sir Stirling Moss in the process.

Maserati MC20 prototype

We were supposed to see the next generation of Maserati's racing heritage debut this month -- that'd be the Maserati MC20. Plans changed, however, as the coronavirus pandemic set in, and now, we'll have to wait until September. But, in the meantime, the Italian marque showed the car off with a few new images.

Not only do they give us a far better look at the MC20, but they honor Sir Stirling Moss, the racing legend who passed away this past month. The wrap features Moss' name in bold, red letters at the rear in honor of the man who drove numerous Maserati cars in motorsport throughout his storied career. Moss often recalled the Maserati 250F was his favorite race car during his career in Formula One. Although he racked up an incredible 16 Grand Prix wins, the racer never actually won a championship.

With this in mind, Maserati just wanted to pay its respects to the driver and motorsport icon. The rest of the wrap does its job and covers up all the important parts of the car, but it looks like this might finally be production bodywork underneath.

Previous "spy shots" Maserati showed off included what was almost certainly body pieces plucked from an Alfa Romeo 4C. In comparison, these shots show a very cohesive shape, a short front overhang and definite mid-engined shape. The engine itself? We don't know much about it, but the unit is 100% designed and developed within Maserati.

The MC20 will help Maserati once again tackle motorsport in the future, though it's not clear where the company will take it. After all, the "MC" in the name stands for "Maserati Corse" -- "Maserati Racing" in English. It'll also succeed the victorious MC12 whenever the MC20 hits the track.

Not only are we in for a new Maserati sports car with a brand-new engine, the company plans to offer an all-electric version, too.

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