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Maserati MC20 will carry on MC12's racing legacy

We've known this sports car was coming, but now it has a proper name.

Ladies and gents, we have a name. On Thursday, Maserati shared what it will call its "super sports car" long in the making, and that name is MC20.

Diehard fans will quickly realize the connection. "MC" stands for "Maserati Corse," or "Maserati Racing" in English. The number 20 signifies this year, 2020, as the dawn of a new era for the Italian marque. It also harkens back to the victorious Maserati MC12, which shared a chassis with the legendary Ferrari Enzo. The MC12, at the time, marked Maserati's return to racing -- just as the MC20 will for the company now.

Indeed, the company will take the MC20 racing, though it didn't share where it will stake a campaign just yet.

This is our best look yet at the car, but don't let all the prototype body work fool you.


We can start to string together a few details about this new sports car as Maserati continues to gradually tease the machine. We know it'll likely be a mid-engined car, unlike the Alfieri concept shown last decade. That car, a front-engined vehicle, may pave the way for the next GranTurismo instead.

We also know there will be a totally electric version of the MC20, though other powertrains are in the cards. Originally, this sports car was set to become Maserati's first EV, but instead, that honor will go to the next GranTurismo.

It's definitely a mid-engined machine.


The design remains a mystery, however, with only a couple of teaser photos released that show a very prototype-looking thing. It's hard to even pick out a production design line right now. Though, if there's one thing Maserati does right, it's build some lovely looking cars.

Production will take place at the firm's facility in Modena, Italy, but we won't need to wait until assembly starts. Maserati said we'll finally see its latest creation at the end of May during an event in the same city.

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