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Maserati gives us our first look at new sports car

Maserati has long planned a new sports car, but this looks nothing like the Alfieri concept.

Maserati sports car prototype
Welcome to the world, Maserati sports car prototype.

Maserati has a new sports car coming, but it looks like it will not take the shape of the gorgeous Alfieri concept shown all the way back in 2014. Photos Maserati released of the test mule indicate this will be a mid-engine sports car.

The pictures, published on Wednesday, show what looks like a mid-engine layout. That's a whole lot different from the front-engine layout the Alfieri concept boasted. It also appears this is a two-seater sports car and ditches the 2+2 layout teased with the Alfieri.

This move to a mid-engine design could put some space between the unnamed sports car and the next-generation GranTurismo, however. Maserati has already confirmed that a new model is coming, and it will be the Italian company's first battery-electric car at that. At least one variant will be totally electric.

Don't read into the design too much from these photos. The mule is clearly cobbled together with various parts and Maserati admitted this is purely a powertrain mule, aka, a rolling test bed for the engine.

Said engine is all Maserati, all the time, too. The company said this is a new powertrain developed within the halls of Maserati. It'll foreshadow a family of new engines heading to future vehicles.

Whatever the engine is, it won't be the only option. Maserati plans an electric version of the sports car as it gets serious about electrification in general. In the meantime, Maserati engineers will be busy logging miles on this prototype as it gets ready to usher the car into the world.

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