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Maserati MC20 sports car debut pushed to September

The coronavirus outbreak continues to reorganize vehicle debut schedules.

Maserati sports car prototype
We'll need to wait a little longer, unfortunately.

The novel coronavirus outbreak has pushed pause on a handful of vehicle debuts, and even vehicle production, but many automakers aren't abandoning plans -- they're simply rescheduling them.

Thus, we'll need to wait a little while longer to see the Maserati MC20 make its debut. The Italian brand said Wednesday its big event planned for May will instead take place in September. The company originally was set to kick off a major brand relaunch shin dig and show its new sports car in Modena, Italy. The coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, has left Italy on a nationwide lockdown.

The MC20 will kick things off and include a purely electric variant, and Maserati begins to mix its powertrain portfolio up. There will still be a version with a traditional engine, but the EV will certainly herald the brand's "new era."

Maserati also plans to take the MC20 racing, though the company never shared where it'll stake a campaign. The "MC" part of the name stands for "Maserati Corse," or "Maserati Racing" in English. The Italian marque plans to carry on a racing legacy after it retired the MC12 supercar years ago.

So stay patient, guys. We've got a lot of good stuff coming this year.

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