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James Bond ditches V12 Aston Martin, goes electric for next film, report says

Bond 25 director Cary Joji Fukunaga reportedly pushed for 007 to go green.

Aston Martin RapidE Concept
No more barking mad V12's for 007. Instead he gets four doors and deadly silent running.
Aston Martin

One of the things that made the Daniel Craig Bond films better than the ones that had preceded it for decades was the return of Aston Martin.

Who can forget the sound of the DBS in Casino Royale when it went tearing off into the night, only to flip over in a field? What about the gorgeous wail of Bond's straight-six-powered DB5 bouncing off the Scottish hills in Skyfall?

Those sounds will be sounds of the past. Future Bond films will feature 007 driving the all-electric Rapide E, British newspaper The Sun reports. If you don't remember the Rapide E, that's probably because it has only really been around in concept form, and Aston plans on building only 155 examples of it. But, just as a refresher, it has 600 horsepower, is nearly silent, looks cool (it's a Rapide, after all) and will retail for around $332,000.

The Sun went on to lay much of the blame for the change at the feet of the director of the forthcoming film, Cary Joji Fukunaga, who you may know from such awesomeness as True Detective's first season, Sin Nombre and Beasts of No Nation. The paper goes so far as to quote a source calling him a "total tree-hugger."

Though, when you think about it, a silent supercar with massive amounts of instant torque seems like the ideal ride for a super spy, doesn't it? It's pretty hard to be stealthy when the V12 in your DBS Superleggera is loud enough to frighten the birds out of the trees three counties away.

Neither Aston Martin nor Eon Productions immediately responded to a request for comment.